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Before attempting to UPGRADE your System, uninstall or REMOVE any VIRUS SCAN PROGRAM. This will prevent your system from upgrading.

If you're upgrading to 10, make sure that the current Windows version on your computer is activated and then follow these instructions: If you're wanting to upgrade to windows 10, make sure to backup any critical files to a thumb drive or some type of cloud app. Then go to this link and download this tool onto your desktop Media Creation Tool Once it's downloaded, double-click it and follow the prompts and select the option to upgrade your computer's operating system. Here's the same tool at microsoft: Media Creation Tool Use the option to create windows installation media.


To Install on a NEW PC or NEW HARD DRIVE.

Boot From the Windows 10 Pro DVD or USB Drive:

You may need to enter the bios to set DVD as your first boot device or USB as your first boot device. This is usually done by starting the computer and immediately pressing the Delete button, F2, F10, or F12. ( Bump the buttons don’t hold them down. Bump…Bump…Bump…Bump until the computer enters the setup screen.) There are different ways to get into the CMOS or boot menu. Normally the instructions will pop up very quickly before windows at startup. If you can't find the options, GOOGLE your computer make and model along with enter cmos or enter boot menu and you should find the answer. Remember, Bump...Bump...Bump... the button at start up, don't hold it DOWN.

Follow onscreen instructions to load Windows 10 Pro. If you have problems at the partitions, highlight and DELETE each partition until the system shows only 1 unallocated partition, and then click NEXT

If you have a Product Key that shows as invalid or will not VALIDATE, wait a few hours and TRY AGAIN. Microsoft has Recently had problems with their VALIDATION SERVERS going up and down DUE to RECENT UPDATES. There have been a few times that their VALIDATION SERVERS have been down for 3 days straight and intermittently on and off for WEEKS. Don't worry, we stand behind everything that we sell and GUARANTEE that they will validate, but we have no control over MICROSOFT'S UPDATES or their Validation Servers.

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A COMPUTER TECHNICIAN? You're WELL on your way. Sometimes it takes doing the same thing over and over until it works right. Sometimes it takes a slight deviation over and over until something works right. Sometimes you find that there is a hardware issue like a bad hard drive, ram, or a fan causing everything to lock up and there's nothing that you can ever do to fix it except change the part.

We also do computer Repairs for a flat rate of $100 labor plus the cost of Parts and shipping both ways. This also includes reloading your operating system as long as you have already purchased the license. Please let us know if you need us to fix anything. 

If we overlooked something please send an email to mikeclint1@gmail with any questions or suggestions to add to the support page. Thank you



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